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“Best Available Techniques” for the Cement Industry
(Cembureau, 1999)

Draft - Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Fuels and Raw Materials in the Cement Manufacturing Process
(World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WBCSD, 2005)

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - Best Available Techniques in the Cement and Lime Manufacturing Industries
(European Commission, December 2001)

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - Best Available Techniques in the Cement, Lime and Magnesium Oxide Manufacturing Industries
(European Commission, May 2010)

Aktuelle Entwicklungen hinsichtlich Abfalleinsatz und Emissionsminderungstechniken in der Zementindustrie
(Umweltbundesamt, Austria, 2004)

Utilisation of alternative fuels in the European cement industry

Presentation - The use of wastes and industrial by-products in cement production
(VDZ Seminar, New Dehli, 2002)

Alternative Fuels in the Cement Industry
(PMT GmbH, Austria)

Refuse Derived Fuel, current practice and perspectives
(European Commission, 2003)

Accept – Refuse Chart
(Requirements for Co-Processing)

Environmental Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels in Cement Production

Treatment of Organic Hazardous Wastes in Vietnam - Test Burn in a Cement Kiln
(SINTEF, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - Hanoi, Hanoi University of Science, 2005)

The Potential of using Cement Kilns for Environmentally Sound Destruction of Obsolete Pesticides in Developing Countries
(SINTEF, 2005)

Solid replacement Fuels (SRF) for use in co-incineration plants
(Baier 2006)



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